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Reclaim Your Luscious Locks with Marseille Pure Element

Marseille Pure Element Reviving Hair products - Chemical-Free Shampoo and Conditioner that Combat DHT and Energize Hair Follicles for Optimal Regrowth

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Stimucap acts as a cosmetic support for hair regrowth treatments (with anti hair loss effects)

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Marseille Pure Element Hair Products:  Reviving Shampoo & Conditioner

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Marseille Pure Element Reviving shampoo and conditioner deliver great result for both men and women with hair thinning problems. 

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Our appropriate ingredients like Stimucap® and copper peptides have been used in the medical field / regenerative science.

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The proprietary ingredients stop DHT, stimulate the scalp and urge new hair born in the follicle.

Unveiling Our Key Formulation


Experience the transformative effects of our active ingredient, StimuCap*. Enjoy the benefits of increased volume, moisture, and overall hair vitality. 

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Specially formulated to safeguard your hair follicles, StimuCap nourishes the bulb, revitalizing your hair's health and enhancing its appearance.

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By restoring optimal conditions for your hair follicles, StimuCap works diligently to prevent regression and combat follicle miniaturization, ensuring the longevity of your hair's natural growth cycle.

(*StimuCap is a trademark of Kalichem Italia s.r.l.)