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Marseille Pure Element Reviving shampoo & conditioner with Stimucap® & copper peptides are enriched with a combination of vitamins, certified organic extracts, and hair revitalizing ingredients which make the perfect scalp condition for hair regrowth. The product is sulphate-free and paraben-free, meeting the latest product trend for gentler and more natural products.

hair regrowth shampoo and conditioner



Active ingredient, StimuCap* protects the hair follicle and nourishes the bulb, improving hair health and appearance (volume and moisture).

StimuCap restores the optimal hair follicle conditions and avoid its regression and prevent follicle miniaturization.


*StimuCap is a trademark of Kalichem Italia  s.r.l.


Power of
Copper Peptides


Copper Peptides block DHT in the scalp and increase hair follicle size. 

(DHT is No.1 cause of male and even female hair loss)

Copper Peptides also stimulate blood flow to the scalp and prolong the hair grow cycle.



More natural ingredients,
No harsh chemical.

Marseille Pure Element Reviving shampoo & conditioner contains DHT blocking ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Biotin, and other effective vitamins and herbal extracts.  70% of the ingredients are organic.

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